Nicolas Cage Marries A 26-Year-Old Japanese Woman Marking His 5th Marriage

Nicolas Cage Marries A 26-Year-Old Japanese Woman Marking His 5th Marriage
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Nicolas Cage has gotten married for the fifth time, Page Six revealed this weekend. Fans of the actor know that he has been married multiple times at this point, however, this time, he chose a Japanese woman who is just 26-years-old.

Page Six confirmed that Nicolas and Riko Shibata married at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, and the actor said in a statement that the news was true. Nicolas and Riko got married in a small ceremony on a date that was set in commemoration of his father.

Riko wore a bridal kimono from Kyoto, whereas Tom's tuxedo was designed by the popular designer, Tom Ford. Page Six says they delivered classic vows in the Catholic and Shinto religions including Walt Whitman poetry as well as a Japanese haiku on top.

Reportedly, Nicolas' last wife, Alice Kim, was also there for the wedding ceremony along with the actor's children. According to Page Six, Cago and Riko first met in Shiga, Japan, and they've been dating since the dissolution of Cage's last marriage.

Page Six says this isn't the first time Cage and the 26-year-old woman have been spotted out in public. For instance, in New York City, March 2020, Cage and Riko were seen at the Tavern on the Green, where sources said they didn't talk a whole lot but drank heavily.

Regarding how the Academy Award winner proposed, Cage apparently asked for her hand in marriage via Facetime and had sent her ring via FedEx to Japan.

An interesting fact is that Riko is actually four years younger than Cage's first son, and this marks the first time that she has gotten married. As for what the actor has planned next, he was last seen in the Netflix production, History of Swear Words, and he signed on to portray the Tiger King in the Amazon special about the Tiger King star.


Fans will remember when the DJ/producer, Diplo, commented on the studio's choice to cast Nicolas Cage , rather than him, for the movie, although, it's hard to say whether Diplo was really upset that he didn't get the role.

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