Liam Payne Defends His Relationship With New 19-Year-Old Girl

Liam Payne Defends His Relationship With New 19-Year-Old Girl
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According to a report from, Liam Payne recently came out to defend his new relationship, which involves a much younger girl. Reportedly, a social media user criticized the 26-year-old One Directioner for dating Maya Henry, who is now 18-years-old.

One social media user pointed out that all of the articles online right now say Maya Henry is 19-years-old when really she's 18. The social media user claimed the story was intentional due to the fact they've been dating for approximately one year, which means she would've still been in high school when they first started seeing each other.

Payne went on to tweet in response, "19, don't believe everything you read on the internet." As it was previously reported, Payne and Henry were first noted as dating back in September, and some outlets reported they had been together for a year, while others stated it was just a few months.

Entertainment Tonight reports that her public birthday has been listed as on the 15th of June, 2000, which would make her 19-years-old. However, a lot of people online are still wondering if that's really the truth.

People on social media have been alleging that, due to her party back in 2016 which was for her 15th birthday, that would mean that she's now only 18-years-old. Additionally, social media users took issue with the fact that her birthday cost a whopping $6 million.

Regardless of her real age, Liam seems quite happy these days, especially when he sat down with Jessie Ware on his podcast, Table Manners With Jessie Ware, in which he gushed over how great things have been for him lately.

He stated, "I'm the happiest I've ever been," before he went on to say that it took him a long time to get where's at now, and things couldn't be better. Before dating Maya Henry, Liam Payne was linked to Cheryl Cole, who is quite a bit older than him.

Liam and Cheryl gave birth to a child named, Bear. However, they split up in the summer of 2018 following rumors of trouble in paradise.

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