Lady A Tells Her Side Of The Story Amid Legal Battle With Lady Antebellum

Lady A Tells Her Side Of The Story Amid Legal Battle With Lady Antebellum
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The legal battle between Lady A and Lady Antebellum is heating up , but the former wants to tell her side of the story. Entertainment Weekly says that the Seattle artist, Lady A, has been using the name for approximately 30 years, and she plans on keeping it that way.

Reportedly, the group, formerly Lady Antebellum, filed a lawsuit against her for the name after revealing they were going to change the title of their country music group on account of the Black Lives Matter protests and the need for "change."

During a conversation with Vulture on Thursday, Anita White, who goes by the name, Lady A, said she wasn't surprised that the group filed a trademark for the name. She said it would essentially force her into a co-existence agreement.

According to White, she suggested they change their names even further to, "Band Lady A," and she would modify hers to "Lady A The Artist," but they refused to do that.

During an interview with Rolling Stone on Friday, Lady A shared how she had tried to upload a new single on the streaming platform over the weekend and it took a long time for them to verify her name on account of Lady Antebellum's recent name change.

The artist says her fans have been contacting her to ask how to find her music because they can't find her work anywhere. Anita says, however, that she fully understands why they chose to get a new title, but she has spent the last twenty years of her life building a brand using the pre-existing moniker.

Anita said she asked them for monetary compensation so she could work on re-branding herself. To her, that's the only fair way of going about it at this point. White says she asked them for $10 million. Most of that money would go to the Black Lives Matter Foundation.

Furthermore, White added that it's a "David and Goliath" situation because even though the law is on her side, Lady Antebellum has the financial and legal support of Big Machine Label Group. It's definitely going to be an uphill battle, the artist insinuated.

Lady Antebellum isn't the only artist to change their name due to the political climate. The Dixie Chicks announced they are now "The Chicks." 

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