Vivica A. Fox Reveals Why She Only Watches Game Shows Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

Vivica A. Fox Reveals Why She Only Watches Game Shows Amid Coronavirus Quarantine
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Vivica A. Fox is only watching game shows these days. Us Magazine reported on comments from the actress this week during an episode of Quarantine Confessions , in which she revealed the specific types of TV series she has been watching amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The 55-year-old said on the show that she has been "watching the game show network." Fox says watching other types of programs with legitimate acting in them makes her miss her old career. She would rather watch something that keeps her entertained and keeps the energy light.

According to Vivica, COVID-19 really changed the film and TV business over the last few months, especially in relation to the final episode of Empire . Fox claimed she and the rest of the cast and crew were in the middle of wrapping up the final episode when the pandemic struck.

During the same conversation in April with Us Magazine, Fox said she would be surprised as everyone else in terms of how they choose to finally end it.

As for how she has been spending her spare time lately, Fox claims a lot of her energy has been devoted to organizing her home better. Case-in-point, the actress says she has eliminated many of her old wigs.

She was really happy to toss out some of her old wigs, and she even cleaned out her closet. Other good things came from her cleaning spree, including her discovery that she actually has a huge collection of zippers.

According to Fox, zippers play a crucial role in her wardrobe. People that know her understand that she loves to quickly try on a different outfit. Put simply, outfits with zippers on them allow her to take off her clothes without messing up her hair and makeup.


In other news, Vivica A. Fox has been in the headlines again for her former romance with the rapper, 50 Cent. Fox accused 50 Cent of not having the ability to handle black women after he said that black women always hated him whenever he dated "exotic women."

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