La La Anthony Says She's Very Concerned About 'Getting Used To' Quarantine Life

La La Anthony Says She's Very Concerned About 'Getting Used To' Quarantine Life
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As most of the Western world stays behind closed doors amid the coronavirus pandemic, it's not uncommon for the more affluent among us to worry about how their daily habits may be deteriorating.

For instance, earlier this month, Masika Kalysha took to her IG to show off her freshly gained "quarantine 15." La La Anthony, on the other hand, is more concerned about how the quarantine measure will affect her future.

According to Page Six, who had a chat with the media personality recently, La La is at the phase now where she's "surprisingly fine" with staying in her home. However, that's the part that worries her the most.

During her chat with the aforementioned outlet, La La said she's getting used to it a little more every day, but this scares her because it's not the greatest life one could live. La La said to Page Six, "it kind of scares me a little bit," because she doesn't want to grow accustomed to it.

The 38-year-old actress went on to say that she wants to go outside and interact with others in the world, rather than stay in her home always and work in isolation. Regarding how she's been keeping busy over the last month and a half, the actress said she's in the middle of creating a new project.

Currently, she has a show in the works called "Intercepted" alongside her Power co-star, 50 Cent. Furthermore, the star has been working on a 3rd book and also adapting her first novel, The Love Playbook , into a screenplay.

According to Anthony, who's committed to finding the silver lining in all of this, quarantine has given her the time to work on a number of projects that weren't getting the attention they deserved. Anthony said it was "cool" to get some of these ideas out the door.

Recently, Anthony worked alongside Hot 97 and Eat Clean Bro to deliver meals to hospital workers every Tuesday and Thursday until the 7th of May. She is among many stars who have offered their hands in support during these troubling financial times.

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