KUWK: Would Kourtney Kardashian Enter Politics? - Check Out Her Response!

KUWK: Would Kourtney Kardashian Enter Politics? - Check Out Her Response!
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Would Kourtney Kardashian ever consider running for any political office or not? After all, her sister Kim and brother-in-law Kanye West have been involved in politics quite a bit even to the point that it is possible one of them would run for president in the upcoming election!

That being said, it is safe to say that the Kar-Jenners are pretty interested in using their social influence to gain political presence as well.

While a guest on the Today show earlier today, Kourtney talked passionately about the #BeautyMadeBetter, a campaign meant to support safer cosmetic products.

Naturally, host Craig Melvin felt like her advocacy and lobbying might lead to Kourt running for something.

‘No, I haven’t. I haven’t thought about that,’ the reality TV star said while smiling.

The host asked again for her to tell the truth, teasingly, to which the Kardashian 'promised' she hadn’t thought about it!

Even when the man insisted it would ‘make some news,’ the mother of three remained tight-lipped.

But that was not also the case when she talked about her concerns for cosmetics users.

So what products does she feel need more tight regulations than at the moment?

‘It is toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, it is products that everyone basically uses. Deodorant and makeup… Even kids' products. So when I first started using lotions and picking out what I thought was the best products for my son, come to find out that they had so many harmful chemicals known to cause cancer,’ Kourtney explained.

Since this is not the first time the woman advocates for something so passionately, it is also not the first time she sparks rumors she would join a political career.

But just like she denied it now, she’s done it before. It sounds like Kourtney Kardashian really isn’t interested.


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