KUWK: North West Steals Her Father Kanye's Mic And Shows Her Talent In Adorable Video

KUWK: North West Steals Her Father Kanye's Mic And Shows Her Talent In Adorable Video
Credit: Source: etonline.com

Is North West her dad’s legacy in the hip hop scene? It looks like the little girl might just follow in Kanye West’s footsteps!

Since North has shown signs that she has a talent and a passion for makeup and fashion like her mom, as well as for music, it is still unclear if she will grow up to become a social media icon or a rapper, since it seems like she is born to entertain.

Either way, her latest video shows the 5 year old rocking the mic, just like her rapper dad, so one point for Kanye?

Kim took to her platform of choice to share a clip of the child stealing the spotlight from Ye during Sunday’s gospel service.

At the time, Kanye was performing, but then North tapped her dad on his knee, asking him to give her the mic!

The proud father complied immediately, pointing it at her.

North excitedly started singing like no one was watching!

However, what truly proved that she has excellent stage presence was the girl taking the mic from her father and passing it to her pals for them to join in as well! How adorable!

On Twitter, Kim Kardashian wrote alongside the clip: ‘My videos of Sunday Service due it no justice of the vibe we feel in that room, but this little video shows how much North loves our Sunday mornings.’

As fans of the famous reality TV family know all too well, this is not even the first time little North shows off her performing skills!

It is safe to say that North has a bright future ahead of her!

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