Kristen Stewart Says She 'Can't Wait' To Propose To Her Girlfriend!

Kristen Stewart Says She 'Can't Wait' To Propose To Her Girlfriend!
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While chatting with Howard Stern in a new interview, Kristen Stewart could not help but rave about her girlfriend, screenwriter Dylan Meyer. The actress even confessed that she is undeniably in love with the other woman and that she is determined to tie the knot with her!

That’s right! It sounds like the actress is ready to take a very important step in their relationship – marriage!

Kristen also suggested that she will be the one to propose and that she ‘can’t f***ing wait!’

‘I wanna be somewhat reasonable about it, but I think good things happen fast,’ she went on to add.

Of course, the host was curious to know more about her plans but while Kristen admitted she does have an idea or two of how the proposal will look like, she did not go into much detail since Dylan would find out: ‘I have a couple plans that are just the coolest things to do that I don’t think…I think it’s pretty undeniable.’

The happy couple only formed not too long ago but the two women have actually known one another for no less than six years!

But, when Kristen managed to officially meet and get to know her, she realized their connection instantly!

The actress admitted that it was pretty much love at first sight and that she was very impulsive when it came to telling Dylan about her feelings.

The romantic confession was apparently not in a very romantic setting as it happened in ‘some s**tty bar’ late at night while Dylan’s friends were also there.

She recalled them stepping out for a bit and that is when Kristen could no longer keep it in, telling the other woman that ‘’Oh, man, I’m so f***ing in love with you.’’

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