Kobe Bryant Gets Snubbed From The MTV VMAs 'In Memoriam' Segment And Fans Are Very Upset!

Kobe Bryant Gets Snubbed From The MTV VMAs 'In Memoriam' Segment And Fans Are Very Upset!
Credit: Source: cnbc.com

During the ‘In Memoriam’ segment at the MTV VMAs, someone very beloved that passed away this year was left out and, as you can imagine, fans were not happy about it at all! That was, of course, basketball legend, Kobe Bryant who tragically lost his life in a helicopter crash back in January.

The segment was meant to remember and pay tribute to all the stars that have unfortunately passed in 2020 but, as mentioned before, Kobe Bryant was not on that list.

Of course, Travis Barker did mention that the In Memoriam was dedicated to ‘artists’ such as Pop Smoke and Juice Wrld, and ‘other brilliant artists we lost.’

With that being said, given the role of the awards show, the segment is also heavily associated with the music industry.

But regardless of this, fans still believed that Kobe Bryant should have gotten a mention as well anyway, some arguing that since Chadwick Boseman, who was not a musician but an actor, was honored, so should have Kobe!

One user tweeted that ‘Well hell if y’all gone show Chadwick show Kobe too. Kobe did music too. #VMAs.’

‘Who at the #VMAs forgot to include Kobe Bryant in the In Memoriam section?!?’ another said.

A third pointed out that ‘You added Naya [Rivera] and Chadwick, you weren't sticking to just music.’

There were some viewers that were so upset about this that the tried to boycott the show, using the hashtag ‘#BoycottVMAs.’

‘How DARE you guys Not pay tribute to KOBE BRYANT!!!! He is an Academy Award winner and Legend!!! And you choose to leave him out of your 2020 tribute! #BoycottVMAs #VMAs.’

Despite not getting to be mentioned during the In Memoriam segment, Kobe Bryant was honored by rapper DaBaby, who seemingly wore the Los Angeles Lakers colors in his name.


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