Dove Cameron Claims That Going Brunette Completely Changed Who She Was

Dove Cameron Claims That Going Brunette Completely Changed Who She Was
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The singer, who was formerly recognized for her golden blonde hair, discussed her decision to go brunette during a conversation with E! News on Sunday at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards .

The 26-year-old Cameron claimed that she "really felt that dying my hair was a major identity makeover for me." "Being a blonde causes me so much real, emotional agony."

She stated, "When I colored my hair, it was a reclaiming of choosing who I was instead of who I believed I had to be forever. "I think like I have more pleasure now, and I feel a connection to myself," the speaker said.

Cameron continued, "It's amazing how something so minor as hair color can accomplish that for us.
Cameron praised her audience for embracing her "overtly gay" music during her VMAs winning speech, dedicating the award to LGBTQ+ kids.

"Wow. I greatly appreciate it. I'm so moved and floored. Being up here alongside so many musicians that I adore, including some of my all-time favorite artists, is so surreal, "She started talking. "The only reason I can think of for why this year has been so crazy is because of you guys. I am aware of that."

I would like to give this to all the queer youth out there that don't feel like they can occupy a space and inhabit the entirety of who they are, Cameron continued.

She continued, "Thank you for pushing an explicitly gay song onto mainstream radio," after talking about the popularity of her song "Boyfriend," which was launched in November 2021.

I appreciate you supporting me for who I am as a person and an artist, and I wish that in doing so, you've also granted yourself that same advantage, Cameron said in closing.

The former Disney star came out as bisexual in the year 2020 while conducting an Instagram Live session, but she later told Gay Times in June that the term "queer" better descr


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