Kit Connor Confirmed His Bisexuality After Feeling Pressure To Do So

Kit Connor Confirmed His Bisexuality After Feeling Pressure To Do So
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Following allegations made by Heartstopper followers that he was queerbating, Kit Connor was pressured into coming out as bisexual to the general public.

Following reports that he was seen holding hands with Maia Reficco, one of his co-stars in the upcoming film A Cuban Girl's Guide to Tea and Tomorrow, the actor, who is known for his work on Netflix, took to Twitter in order to clarify the rumors that had been circulating about his sexual orientation.

Back for just a second. I'm bi. Congrats on successfully coercing an 18-year-old to reveal himself to you. I believe that some of you have missed the show's overall message. Goodbye, Connor tweeted the actor who portrays a gay rugby player on the television show Heartstopper.

A month ago, the English actor deleted his account when admirers accused him of queerbating—meaning to hint at, but not confirm, one's sexuality to attract an LGBTQIA+ audience—by not officially declaring his sexuality.

This app is a complete waste of time. He tweeted, "Getting a little tired of Twitter; uninstalling the app." After being coerced into coming out, a large number of people immediately went to the comment section to show their support for him.

I don't understand how people can watch Heartstopper and then happily waste their time making assumptions about people's sexual orientations and passing judgments based on those assumptions afterward. I really hope each and every one of those folks is as ashamed as possible. The kit you are fantastic, Alice Oseman, responsible for the comic novel Heartstopper, posted a tweet.

One of your fans has written, "feeling for you, Kit, sending all the love I have your way." A second person said, "I love you, Kit, and I'm sorry that this has been so dreadfully difficult for you." being dealt with in such an unjust manner.

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