Keo Motsepe And Chrishell Stause Closer Than Ever After They Bond Over Grief

Keo Motsepe And Chrishell Stause Closer Than Ever After They Bond Over Grief
Credit: Source: US Weekly

There were doubts from the public about Chrishell Stause and Keo Motsepe's relationship due to the timing of it. However, the two appear to be in it for the long run and sources claim they are closer than ever.

Chrishell was devastated when her ex-husband Justin Hartley filed for divorce out of nowhere it seemed. Not long after, he appeared in public with his former Young and the Restless co-star Sofia Pernas .

Pernas and Hartley made their relationship Instagram official just recently.

Meanwhile, Chrishell had been grieving not only the marriage that gutted her but also the loss of both of her parents within 18 months. To make public speculation about her life even worse, she was caught in the middle of scandal when fans of Dancing With the Stars began to believe that she and her choreographer Gleb Savchenko were dating merely over the chemistry they had on the dance floor.

Those murmurings worsened when Gleb announced that he was getting a divorce. Savchenko's wife also went public and said that her husband had cheated on her multiple times.

Just after the public accusations that Chrishell was his mistress was at its height -- she revealed that she was, in fact, dating a Dancing With the Stars choreographer but it wasn't Gleb.

Unfortunately, her unveiling of her romance with Gleb wasn't enough to keep the rumors at bay. People felt that she was using Keo Metsope as a pawn to get the heat off of her in order to date Gleb on the low.

After returning from their vacation and spending the holidays together, Keo suffered the heartbreaking loss of his mother.

While it's without a doubt the worse thing to have in common, the loss has brought Keo and Chrishell closer than ever.

Sources claim that Motsepe was Stause's rock while going through the public scrutiny from the Dancing With the Stars drama and now -- Stause is his rock.

The two are bonding over grief from the loss of a parent.

'She was able to relate to his recent loss because she lost both of her parents to cancer, so she completely sympathizes with what Keo’s going through. She’s totally there for him 100 percent. They really do have a great relationship,' an insider told US Weekly.

It's good to see that the dancer has someone to lean on during these trying times.

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