Kenya Moore's Latest Photo With Baby Brooklyn At Six Weeks Old Melts Her Fans' Hearts

Kenya Moore's Latest Photo With Baby Brooklyn At Six Weeks Old Melts Her Fans' Hearts
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Kenya Moore is one happy mom after a complicated labor which involved a pretty hard surgery. It was reported that she has to be cut both horizontally and vertically, due to some complications.

But what matters the most is that she was able to give birth to a healthy baby girl and now, both of them and sound and safe at home.

Kenya made her fans happy when she decided to share pics with her baby, and now, her latest photo has everyone gushing over Brooklyn.

'#6weeksold May God bless you and may all your heart’s desires come true. I never gave up, kept praying and believing in God’s plan for my life. Stay prayerful He has your back. ❤️ #babybrooklyn #love #faith #family #godsspeed #pray' Kenya captioned her photo.

Someone posted 'Congrats to you and your family❤️. Yes God has a plan for each of us. The show is not the same but So Happy for your Blessing. She is a Beautiful Angel???. May God continue to guide you in your path. God Bless you, Kenya Moore???'

Another follower wrote 'Once you believe and trust the almighty GOD everything will happen and he will put shame in your enemy face, @thekenyamoore you are blessed and beautiful with a bless beautiful family. ????'

One other supported gushed over Kenya as well and said 'motherhood is a blessing to nurture a human and teaching them love as you show them love and affection, blessings @thekenyamoore timing is always of the essence PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE good things come to those who wait.'

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  • Tj
    Tj Dec 19, 2018 4:47 AM PST

    I kissed all 4 of my babies on the mouth and none of them caught anything. Kenya kiss your Precious Princess Brooklyn wherever you want. People have too much time on their hands trying to Mom shame you and Gabrielle Union. Kenya, I had my only daughter at 39 and l kissed her on the mouth in the delivery room. Keep loving and kissing Brooklyn! To all the Mom shames GTFOH WITH THAT BS!

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