Kenya Moore's Hair Products Are Some Of The Most Appreciated Ones Out There

Kenya Moore's Hair Products Are Some Of The Most Appreciated Ones Out There
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Kenya Moore created her haircare line of products for women who have damaged hair due to using heat, too much styling, wearing wigs, and so on. People are really appreciating her products, and they always make sure to tell her this on social media.

Here's Kenya's recent post:

'#MooreHairCareMondays There are so many nonbelievers that a chocolate girl with thick, long, healthy hair has to be a wig! And if you wear a protective style occasionally then the narrative becomes, it not her hair...🤦🏾‍♀️ WRONG! I developed an entire haircare line dedicated to growing your own hair, reversing the damage that lace fronts, tight braids, heat damage, and bad extensions have done to our hair. If you want MOORE hair, get it today! @sallybeauty @kenyamoorehair @amazon,' Kenya captioned her post.

A follower told Kenya: 'My sister and I bought your products. We love them, thank you!❤️' and the RHOA star hopped in the comments to show her gratitude to this fan.

One fan asked: 'Hey pretty lady, I live on the Island. I'm always washing my hair. It's natural but doesn't seem like its growing. Any product suggestions? I can order today 💖'

Kenya responded with: 'all the products in the line work together. For best results use the entire line.'

A fan told Kenya: 'Why do you feel you keep having to prove your hair is your hair. If it is, great because black women can and do have beautiful natural hair. If it's not, good because black women, I should say all women now wear wigs and weaves. Haters gonna hate. It's your life, your hair or not, just be happy.'

One other person said: 'Heard nothing but great things about Moore haircare, just can never find it anywhere cause it's always sold out 😩 been dying to try this collection!'

Someone responded that Sally has the products, and they also have all kinds of promotions.

Have you tried Kenya's products so far?

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