Kenya Moore's Fans Argue With Her For This Reason - See Her Video

Kenya Moore's Fans Argue With Her For This Reason - See Her Video
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Kenya Moore shared a video on her social media account which has fans laughing their hearts out. Kenya used the baby filter, and now she says she looks just like baby Brooklyn.

It seems that Kenya's fans don't agree at all. They say that baby Brooklyn Daly definitely looks like her dad.

Someone said 'We love you Kenya, but Brooklyn looks like her daddy 🤷🏾‍♀️' and another fan agreed and had an idea: 'She looks like her dad ... do it on her dad lol.'

Another commenter said 'No worries Kenya the next baby will look like you 🤷🏾‍♀️' and another commenter said 'Yes are still beautiful but sorry she still looks like her daddy ❤️❤️ Lol.'

A person posted: 'Looks like what I picture Brooklyn looking like in about twenty-five years from now.'

Someone else said 'It’s a tie! But I definitely see you all over her Kenya. Your mommy’s side of the fam right now! ❤❤❤'

One person believes that this is how baby Brooklyn will look like when she's older: 'That’s exactly how Brooklyn going to look at that age. Beautiful baby girl! 🦋'

Another follower said that 'She’s a mixture of both parents, but she definitely looks more like daddy.'

Kenya found herself in hot water not too long ago after she shared a photo of Claudia Jordan, claiming that the lady doesn't wear any makeup.

Fans slammed her because Claudia was wearing a bit of makeup even if it was a natural look.

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