Kenya Moore Quotes Maya Angelou While Explaining Why She Won't Make Amends With Nene Leakes

Kenya Moore Quotes Maya Angelou While Explaining Why She Won't Make Amends With Nene Leakes
Credit: Source: Bravo

Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes' feud is taking center stage on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Both ladies have addressed whether or not they would reconcile with one another during recent interviews.

The Queen of Twirls and the Queen of RHOA nearly came to blows in Toronto and Greece. Unsurprisingly, it only gets worse for the rest of the season.

Kenya recently spoke on her friend Claudia Jordan's show on Fox Soul where she revealed whether she would make amends with Nene.

The mother of one said: 'I think that Maya Angelou first said it best: 'When people show you who they are, believe them.' I have seen it, I believe it, and I don't want any parts of it -- that's where I am. And I'm a professional I can work with people I can laugh I can have fun but I'm not about to be fake with anyone that I work with and during the reunion you will see all of the things that I have said -- and not said -- about who she really is not just to me but to everyone on the show.'

Yesterday, Nene said something similar about her co-star.


While speaking to Extra TV, the Glee alum explained: 'I’m not going to make up with Kenya no time soon. I’m not gonna beef with Kenya either, I’m just gonna walk past her like she is invisible. I can’t tell you what’s gonna happen, but I can tell you this, if the both of us going into Season 13 together, there is nothing I have to say to Kenya other than, ‘Hello and goodbye.'

She also revealed that she doesn't hate her castmate.

'I don’t dislike her, I have never disliked her. We just don’t always see eye to eye, which is fair and is okay. We’re two different people… I’m not in the business of making drama with people, she is.'

What do you think it will take for these two to peacefully co-exist?


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  • Abigail Shapeley
    Abigail Shapeley Apr 13, 2020 11:55 AM PDT

    Kenya has to realize long hair will not keep u a man. She need to change her attitude. I cant stand how she put Cynthia down in Greece. Why Cynthia cant see her conniving ways. Plus look how she did Tanya with the cookie lady,who I didn't understand why she had to explain anything about Tanta man That was low down what Kenya did.

  • Ella jones
    Ella jones Apr 13, 2020 8:31 AM PDT

    I do not like Kenya at all, Nene is the best she tells it as it is she is not fake like Kandi. Eva is trying to stay in RHOA so she is throwing Nene under his so that she can get support from other girls. Very true Eva is boring. Cynthia is a puppet of Kenya and Kandi. Kandi is afraid of Kenya. Kenya is their monster with no teeth.

  • Swells
    Swells Apr 12, 2020 11:43 PM PDT

    For some reason I just don't like Kenya Moore's vibe. Nene Leaks can be crude in her actions and often unapologetic, but Kenya makes too much of herself while she's just as shady and a bully as Nene. Porsha mopped Kenya's butt and what Kenya did too Tanya, she should have got her butt mopped again. Glad she has a beautiful daughter (Brooklyn) but I knew her marriage wouldn't last. Kenya has issues, and mean spirited to the core.

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