Kelly Dodd Breaks Up With Dr. Brian Reagan And Drags Him On Social Media!

Kelly Dodd Breaks Up With Dr. Brian Reagan And Drags Him On Social Media!
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Kelly Dodd is no longer dating after ending things with Dr. Brian Reagan. The Real Housewives of Orange County star shared the news that she’s single now by sharing it on her Instagram Stories.

Not only that, but she even gave a hint as to why they split!

The separation is pretty shocking given the fact that they teased marriage during an interview with HollywoodLife just a week prior!

As she replied to fans under the split announcement, Kelly threw a lot of shade at her ex!

When someone accused her of using him for money, she clapped back, writing: ‘he has none .. are you joking.’

Someone else also suggested the same thing but Kelly commented that she ‘feel[s] used’ and insulted her ex, calling him ‘embarrassing!’

In the caption of the breakup announcement, the RHOC star did not hesitate to flirt with FOX reporter Rick Leventhal, letting him know that she is single now.

‘Rick Levinthal [sic] from FOX? You go girl!!’ a fan showed support to the possible couple.

Kelly added: ‘yep and sexy AF.’

As for the original post, she shouted in a video that showed her partying hard with some of her friends: ‘The universe is telling me I broke up with Dr. Brian, woo! And they all know why.’

They were on again, off again for about eight months and Kelly suggested they had an argument that ultimately led to their breakup by saying that: ‘You’d be on my team…this is why, I’m breaking up with Dr. Brian for good. No going back to this a**hole. At all.’

In another video, Queen’s Another One Bites The Dust can be heard playing in the background, appropriately enough, as Kelly once again stresses that she and Brian are over.

‘Here’s our song. I broke up with Dr. Brian…Another one bites the dust!’


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