Kate Beckinsale Says That She's Grateful For The Few Memories Of Her Father

Kate Beckinsale Says That She's Grateful For The Few Memories Of Her Father
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According to Washington's Banner-Press, Kate Beckinsale is extraordinarily "grateful" for the remaining memories she has of her father who died from a heart attack when he was just 31-years-old. At the time of his tragic passing, the 45-year-old actress was 5.

Richard Beckinsale passed away when he was a very young man and while she was very sad to see him go, the few memories she has of him lighten up her heart. "It was such a big loss, and so shocking," the Underworld alum explained, adding that she is grateful for what she has.

Had she been even a year or two younger than she was at the time, she would hardly even remember him. The star said she was quite thankful that she even has any memories of him. According to Kate, her father was "cunning" in the way that he allowed her to have ice cream and other snacks for dinner.

When her dad inevitably died and her mother, Judy Loe, began dating Roy Battersby, Kate hated the idea of moving in with his daughter and four boys.

Regarding the boys, Kate referred to them as "terrifying," "red-headed," and "farting." Beckinsale joked she was an ardent sexist against them at the time. According to the Click star, she had just left a Catholic school and they were from a much more "challenged" area.

However, she grew to enjoy hanging out with her step-father's family, and she really appreciated the way in which he treated her as an "intellectual equal" to himself. Kate said she actually used to help him sell a Trotskyist newspaper, The News Line.

"I'm very lucky with the parents I got," Kate explained. These days, Kate is not quite so sure about having another kid, considering she already has a 19-year-old.

When speaking with Tatler Magazine, she said she "definitely would," but then thinks about how she "annihilated (her) twenties," and now finally has a taste of freedom. To do the same thing again, Kate argued, hardly seems wise. In other words, it appears as though she's not interested in having any more kids.

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