Karamo Brown Is Aware That Christmas Is Going To Be Difficult This Year Due To COVID-19 Rules

Karamo Brown Is Aware That Christmas Is Going To Be Difficult This Year Due To COVID-19 Rules
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Karamo Brown , the star of Queer Eye , is more than aware that this holiday season is going to be a tough time for people. Governments around North America have demanded that people stay away from gatherings and family meetings as a way of thwarting the spread of coronavirus.

This is supposed to be done in the name of fighting against COVID-19, however, a lot are concerned this will come at a heavy cost to not only business but mental health. Isolation is considered to be one of the most devastating things on a person's psyche. Human beings are certainly social creatures.

According to Page Six, Brown recently came out to say he would also be staying away from his friends and family this holiday season. Brown said to the outlet that he wanted to acknowledge just how hard it was going to be for a lot of people.

Brown went on to suggest that maybe people could have dinners over Zoom, send gifts in the mail, or send cards to those people love the most. Regarding what Karamo intends on doing this year, the star said he will be able to visit his son, Jason, for Christmas in LA.

His younger son, on the other hand, will spend time at his mother's in Texas. Brown claimed he was going to stay away from "Ms. Corona" this year because he and "her" aren't friends and he never wants to meet her. Initially, Karamo explained, he actually didn't hang around his sons that often during the start of the pandemic.


He says when the pandemic first started, they didn't take it all that seriously, so he had no choice but to stay away from them for the foreseeable future, or at least until they recognized the supposed severity of the situation.


Fans of Karamo have seen him in the headlines a lot more lately, including when he touched on the idea of going bald. The star explained at an event recently that there is strength in going without one's hair. The actor claimed he and his company wanted to "empower" people who don't have any hair.

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