Kandi Burruss Talks About The Unnecessary Killings Of African Americans

Kandi Burruss Talks About The Unnecessary Killings Of African Americans
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Kandi Burruss is just one of the celebrities that addressed the tragedy that happened recently involving the killing of George Floyd. Check out what she had to say on the matter and how her fans responded.

'The unnecessary killings of African Americans has become all to common. It has got to stop! R.I.P #GeorgeFloyd If you’re tired of this cycle being repeated: 🚨ALL HANDS ON DECK🚨⁣ Go now to JusticeForBigFloyd.com or click the link in @shaunking’s bio!
⁣ TWO ACTION STEPS for you to take. ⁣🆘 First, call: 612-324-4499. ⁣That’s a special hotline. When you call you will hear @shaunking’s voice. He’ll coach you through the whole thing & connect you to all of the people and offices that can arrest the men who murdered Big Floyd. ⁣Save that number. Lock it in. ⁣Then share it everywhere. Post it in your IG story and tag @grassrootslaw. ⁣Film yourself making the calls and tag them🆘 Second, Go to JusticeForBigFloyd.com or click the link in @shaunking bio and fill out their SUPER PETITION. It emails everybody involved. ⁣And it works. ⁣Share this with everybody you know!!⁣ Let’s GO!⁣' Kandi posted on social media.

Fans and followers are backing her in the comments. Someone said: 'London is backing you. This cannot continue. This has to stop NOW.'

Someone said: 'The USA was always scary because of racism, but these two unrelated incidents this week just chilled me to the bones, I could not watch the video in its entirety, a law enforcement officer posing while killing a human being in 2020 and his fellow officers standing by nonchalantly as if to say this is how we do it, you cannot stop us. Then a white woman using the color of her skin as a weapon to call the cops on a black man. Chilling and mind-boggling.'

Another commenter posted: 'It’s really sad that these bot profiles are even commenting under stuff like this, this is a very sad situation, and things need to change in this world #rip'

Someone else wrote: 'So sad. So what are we going to do? How do those of you with power and influence & money come together to force change on this govt? We are willing to help but we have no power, influence or $. But we need change now.'

Kandi recently opened up about the RHOA Virtual Reunion as well.

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