Kandi Burruss Steps Up To Defend Kenya Moore Against Marc Daly For Doing This In New Video

Kandi Burruss Steps Up To Defend Kenya Moore Against Marc Daly For Doing This In New Video
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It is easy to understand why Kenya Moore filed for divorce from Marc Daly because each new episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta , put their crumbling lives under the microscope for fans to see.

This week, another layer of drama was put on display where Marc had a field day disrespecting Kenya in front of all her friends when he decided to praise NeNe Leakes.

Note that Nene and Kenya have been at war for many years. The feud hit a tipping point when Nene's body-shamed Kenya while she was pregnant.

Kenya and the rest of the world saw it as a huge disrespect, but Marc claimed she was just speaking his mind.

While having dinner with the group, Marc said: "I care about my family. People say NeNe- blah blah blah. NeNe was nice to me the first time I met all of you."

Kenya hit back with: “I have to remind Marc. When you found out that NeNe said, ‘What am I carrying? A buffalo or something’- you got very offended by that.”

Marc was not done making his point: "It was an inappropriate comment, but didn’t she reach out to you after and try to apologize?”

Kenya responded: “No, she actually didn’t.” Marc continued to defend NeNe against his own wife: “I don’t have a problem with the woman. The woman was very nice to me.”

Kandi Burrus was shocked and had this reaction: “Why are you going on with this? Like, you supposed to have your wife’s back- not NeNe’s back. Like, you doin’ too much!”

Many took to social media to blast Marc.

One person said: "I get that she’s nice to me part I do; however, I won’t b doing all that bigging up after calling me a buffalo while I'm pregnant. Defend me in public and correct me in private... he is out of line. 😩"

Another commenter shared: "I feel bad for Kenya; Marc acts like he’s annoyed by her. You marry this woman, lay down, and have a child with her, so what’s the issue? Niggas these days .... smh. He seems controlling & possessive."

This social media user claimed: "At the end of the day right is right wrong or wrong, how can you be somebody’s husband if you can’t keep it real with them ... we weren’t defending her. He is just keeping it real. 🤷🏽‍♀️"

Is Marc right or wrong?


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