Kandi Burruss Makes Fans Laugh Their Hearts Out With This Hilarious Post

Kandi Burruss Makes Fans Laugh Their Hearts Out With This Hilarious Post
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Kandi Burruss makes fans laugh with a post that she shared on her social media account. Without any further comments, here it is:

Kenya Moore hopped in the comments section and posted this: 'Hahahahaha this is so good. ❤️❤️'

Someone exclaimed: 'Yess Kandi!!!! What’s your screen name... I’m trying to see sumthin,' and another follower said: 'Kandi I’m done with you and that Tinder picture.'

One of Kandi's pals said: 'You have the perfect butt, now hand it over you don't need it, let me borrow for a few weeks!'

Someone posted this: 'Whoa....that tinder profile has me shooketh. Wasn't expecting that from you. Lol,' and another shocked fan said: 'Lmfao. Tinder blocked me. They were co*k blocking really hard. I'm on tagged lol. Our last photo sorta looks the same. Sorta. Mine is not public lmfao. You look great btw ❤️'

A commenter joked and said: 'WHEEEWWW I know Kaela & Riley about to block you for the tinder picture.'

Kandi also wanted to mark Kenya Moore's birthday, so she shared the same gorgeous photo that Kenya posted on her own social media account.

'Happy Birthday @thekenyamoore!!!! I hope this year brings you so much joy! I love this pic of you & @thebrooklyndaly. Happiness is all over you! Everybody give @thekenyamoore some bday love! 🎂🎉🎂🎉' Kandi captioned the pic.

One of Kandi's followers posted this: 'Happy birthday @thekenyamoore Hope you're having a great day!'

A fan wrote: 'You've grown back on me. Not like you care what I feel. But I'm digging this Kandi💯'

Kandi shocked her fans just the other day when she shared a photo of herself from 18 years ago. It was from back when her godson was born. Her followers said that she looks the same.

Kandi has been living her best life these days, especially since her daughter Blaze Tucker came into the world.

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