Kandi Burruss Has An Important Message For Fans About Change

Kandi Burruss Has An Important Message For Fans About Change
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Kandi Burruss shared a message on her social media account about change. She also shared a post of herself from her time on The Masked Singer.

'RISE UP We are broken down and tired! So we are all on a mission for change! This is a performance from my time on Masked Singer but this song reflects so much more and is not about me!' Kandi captioned her post.

'That’s my brilliant, real, friend and I love you dearly, so proud of you,' a follower said.

Someone else posted this message: 'This was a dead give away, we should of known, that was good!' and one other fan said: 'Tamila Hartford a black woman was beaten to death by 7 white women and her body was thrown off the balcony she's a mother-of-five Disney's national attention nobody's been arrested.'

One follower posted this: 'I didn't watch the show, but this would have been very obvious, that this was Kandi,' and another follower wrote: 'I had tears in my eye when you sang this. At that point, your voice verified it was you. Beautiful it was.'

Someone else said: 'One of my fav performances from you on there!! 💪🏽🔥 yes we will rise up and overcome this.'

A commenter wrote: 'Dont know how they didn't know it was you lol I guess coming up in the nineties you get used to your voice I can pick your voice out of any group any song...'

Someone else wrote: 'I really loved this performance! You sang the hell out of this song.'

Kandi is proud to be a black woman , and she shared an inspirational message on her social media account.

‘We are BLACK WOMEN!….. We too have a VOICE….. We don’t tear down other BLACK WOMEN!….. We have felt the pain of NOT BEING HEARD and we have decided we will deliberate about building others!' Kandi posted.

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