Kandi Burruss' Fans Want That Whoever Is Running Her IG Page To Start Promoting CBB More

Kandi Burruss' Fans Want That Whoever Is Running Her IG Page To Start Promoting CBB More
Credit: Source: cbs.com

While Kandi Burruss is on Celebrity Big Brother, someone else is in charge of her Instagram page. Fans want whoever is now running it to start promoting the show more.

The latest post that's on Kandi's IG shows her and her hubby Todd Tucker in a video from when they appeared on the cover of the Upscale magazine .

Here's how the latest video on Kandi's Instagram account is captioned: 'Thank you to @upscalemagazine for allowing us to grace their cover! Please go to YouTube: Kandionline to see behind the scene of this shoot and pick up the latest issue!'

One of Kandi's follower said that 'Whoever is running this page while Kandi is on @cbs_bigbrother needs to start promoting the show more. Especially since Kandi’s fans will be able to vote for America’s favorite player soon. ❤️'

Someone else agreed and said 'yess this right here. They need to promote big brother cause I want her to get favorite player for sure!'

Another follower had one other issue and said 'I think it’s so sad the comments I seen on Khia post about Todd not wanting u like your not an attractive dope ass woman and u couldn't have bagged Todd without having money pisses me off.🤬'

A supporter wants to see a movie with Kandi and Todd: 'Dang Kandi, you guys need to make a movie, and call it Shades of Black BEAUTY! Just saying hell you both are sexy as heck for the roles 💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥'

Whoever's in charge of her social media account, has recently also posted a photo showing her daughter Riley Burruss.

It’s about  her weight loss journey , and you can see there a before and after images of lovely Riley.

This gorgeous young lady came a long way, so, congratulations are definitely in order for the beautiful Riley.


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