Kandi Burrus Explains Why She Brought Up Porsha Williams Accusing Her Of Rape During The Last RHOA Episode

Kandi Burrus Explains Why She Brought Up Porsha Williams Accusing Her Of Rape During The Last RHOA Episode
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During the last few episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta, things got pretty heated. Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey were trying to play mediator in order to get Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore to co-exist.

However, the plan backfired. While explaining to Kenya why she and Nene should be able to be cordial with each other Kandi brought up that she has put all issues to rest with her co-stars even after she was accused of rape.

The incident that she was referring to was the storyline between her and Porsha Williams when the mother of one said that she heard Burruss and Todd Tucker was planning on drugging her and taking her to their sex dungeon .


At the reunion, it was revealed that Phaedra Parks was the one who started the rumor and it ultimately got Parks booted off the series. What hurt most about the situation was the fact that Porsha would even entertain the idea that Kandi would plan to drug her.

Nonetheless, the two have put their issues to bed.

Some fans took to social media to say that the singer was being messy by bringing that situation up -- something she disagrees with.

Kandi tweeted: 'You missed the point. I was only bringing it up to let Kenya know that she should be able to get pass her drama with Nene because we’ve all including myself have gotten through major drama on this show.'

A Real Housewives fan page reposted the tweet and there were many fans who took the Xscape member's side.

'People are really doing the most tonight! Obviously Kandi referenced the situation with Porsha to prove a point to Kenya that nasty things have been said about her and she can still find herself to forgive Porsha to coexist among each other within the group. Use your brain people instead of thinking too deep into everything people say,' wrote one fan.

'Y’all love to give Kandi a hard time 🙄 , she was just tryna tell Kenya that her and nene beef really ain’t that serious!' explained another.

While this viewer said: 'I don’t give a s** what nobody says, nothing compares to that bullshit Phaedra started and Porsha was passing around like it was the truth!'

What do you think about this situation?


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