Justin Bieber Can't Believe How Beautiful Wife Hailey Baldwin Is With No Makeup On - Check Out The Pic!

Justin Bieber Can't Believe How Beautiful Wife Hailey Baldwin Is With No Makeup On - Check Out The Pic!
Credit: Source: usweekly.com

Hailey Baldwin looks stunning even without any makeup on and her hubby, Justin Bieber can’t help but show her off. The singer took to social media to share a pic of the supermodel and while she looked like she was ready for the runway already, it turns out that she was all natural!

Fans couldn’t believe it and the same can be said about Justin as well, judging by his caption.

Obviously, he’s seen her without makeup on countless of times by now but still can’t wrap his head around how beautiful she is.

The snap he posted features Hailey posing in a chair, showing off her long legs and bare face.

It’s safe to say that Hailey has won the genetic lottery and her man can’t even deal with it.

‘No makeup. Like what??’ he captioned the photo.

Many other people seemingly felt the same about it as the pic got more than 2.5 million likes in less than a day!

Cutely enough, Hailey reacted to the compliment from her husband, commenting that he was ‘Making a girl blush over here.’

This is not the first time Justin gushes over his significant other.

In fact, he often takes to his platform to praise and rave over her.

He’s also written cute captions such as: ‘Go best friend that’s my best friend,’ and ‘This is my bean,’ alongside pictures of his wife.

The two are getting ready to get married for the second time and one insider previously shared with HollywoodLife that ‘He wants to provide for her and show her that their bond's the greatest thing they have. So later this month when they get married in front of God, friends and family, some things have weighed on him, and he has been nervous because he wants it to be perfect and also everything Hailey wants it to be.’

‘He wants to make that moment where he's his best self. There's excitement that surrounds that but it’ is a nervous excitement because this will make it real and just forever in his mind so he wants everything to go a hundred percent right.’


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