Julianne Hough Says She's Releasing 'Stagnant Energy' Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Julianne Hough Says She's Releasing 'Stagnant Energy' Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Credit: Source: Allure.com

Fans of Julianne Hough know she hasn't always been feeling the greatest over the last few weeks. E! Online reported on an Instagram post from the reality star, however, in which she showed fans what she's been doing lately to release what the star called "stagnant energy."

The 31-year-old Dancing With The Stars alum took to her IG Stories yesterday to show off her dance skills, but also blow off steam as the world fights the coronavirus.

Julianne and Chenelle Monique Young joined up for an Instagram Live session in which the two parties danced and shook out all of the negative energy. The Kinrgy class featured a particular theme: the earth's elements and Julianne had a series of routines designed to communicate the four elements.

The routines were the following: air, earth, fire, and water, and each dance combo had a different purpose. Before she concluded her work-out session, Julianne expressed her true feelings, stating that she had a lot of "stagnant energy" built up in her system, and she needed to let it out.

As it was previously reported, Julianne Hough was recently spotted hanging around Ben Barnes, leading many on social media to ask why she wasn't with Brooks Laich, her husband. Rumors of the couple's breakup have persisted for months.

E! News recently reported that Julianne and Brooks chose to spend time apart for a little while as the coronavirus pandemic continues. An insider who spoke with the outlet claimed Brooks has been enjoying his time in Idaho whereas Hough has been in Los Angeles.

Apparently, Brooks and Julianne have different ideas of relaxation and joy. For instance, the source stated that Brooks loves to be in nature and away from the city, whereas Julianne prefers the hustle and bustle of larger metropolitan areas such as LA.

Even though they're away from each other right now, the source added, Julianne and Brooks are continuing to speak on a regular basis. As it was noted above, Julianne said she was going through dark times earlier this month . The persistent breakup rumors probably don't help.

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