Bob Odenkirk Reveals His Son's COVID-19 Diagnosis

Bob Odenkirk Reveals His Son's COVID-19 Diagnosis
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During a new interview with James Corden on his show, The Late Late Show with James Corden , the Better Call Saul alum, Bob Odenkirk, revealed his son was diagnosed with the coronavirus. The Breaking Bad star shared what it was like to realize his son had contracted the controversial illness.

The Breaking Bad actor said to the late-night host that COVID-19 was worse than the flu, and his son's experience with it was "pretty bad." Odenkirk explained that his son suffered the most from a sore throat.

Moreover, the fatigue was nearly as bad and the illness as a whole lasted much longer than the typical influenza virus. According to Mr. Odenkirk, it looked like it was continuing to get worse, rather than better, and the "further we got from it," they realized they were lucky.

The United States is currently on lockdown and much of the nation is following guidelines set by the federal and state governments. Odenkirk praised the public's willingness to practice social distancing, and also help each other.

Odenkirk, who described himself as a "cynic," stated that the way in which the public has done what's right for the greater good was "really stunning."

Bob is currently promoting the series, Better Call Saul, a spin-off of the notorious Breaking Bad . The season 5 premiere starts on the 20th of April, Monday. Better Call Saul is a must-watch for fans of the Breaking Bad series, and many have praised it for being of similar quality.

On the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic, currently, there are 700,000 cases of coronavirus in the United States and just over 38,000 deaths. However, reports have suggested many people could be asymptomatic.

As it was noted above, Bob was a cast member in the original AMC series, Breaking Bad , and news reports have revealed there may be a new movie coming out. Rachelle Lewis reported on the 24th of August that Aaron Paul, who portrayed Jesse, confirmed the upcoming Breaking Bad movie.

Reportedly, El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie , revolves around Jesse Pinkman's escape from the Aryan Brotherhood.

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