Julia Louis-Dreyfus Receives Restraining Order Against Woman Who Threatened To Firebomb Her House

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Receives Restraining Order Against Woman Who Threatened To Firebomb Her House
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There's no question that being a celebrity often draws both positive and negative attention, a concept that Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the Seinfeld alum, has surely learned over the years.

Page Six claims Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently requested and received a restraining order against a woman who threatened to toss a firebomb at her house, more specifically, a "molotov cocktail." The 58-year-old, in court documents first published by The Blast, stated that the woman was harassing and stalking her for months.

Additionally, the unnamed woman terrorized Julia and her family with messages, including one where a sign was attached to her car that read, "Julia Louis-Dreyfus is stealing from a homeless writer."

Reportedly, the woman in question believes Julia Louis-Dreyfus had stolen writing from her for the series, Veep, for which Louis-Dreyfus has received multiple accolades, including Daytime Emmy Awards as well as awards from the Screen Actors' Guild.

The Los Angeles Police Department noted that Dreyfus had been complaining about the stalker-harasser for over a year until she was finally given the restraining order.

As fans of the actress know, she first came to prominence in the early 1990s as Elaine Benes on NBC's Seinfeld, which has since gone down in history as one of the greatest television series of all time. Louis-Dreyfus was in the role for nine seasons and appeared in every single one except three.

NBC executives, at the time, felt as though the series was marketed towards men only, and they needed a female member, so Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David hired Louis-Dreyfus. Throughout the 1990s, Julia was on the receiving end of critical praise for her performance as Elaine, and she frequently took home Emmy Awards during this period.

Moreover, Julia received two Golden Globe Awards, and then nine SAG nominations. In 1998, Seinfeld came to a close and the season and series finale was on the 14th of May, becoming the most-watched TV event in history, with 76 million people in front of their TVs.

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