Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reveals She Had Social Distancing Road Rage

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reveals She Had Social Distancing Road Rage
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When it comes to social distancing, Julia Louis-Dreyfus doesn't take any chances, that much is for certain. The Wrap picked up on a conversation with Conan O'Brien over Zoom on Thursday in which the actress revealed she had a moment of "road rage."

According to The Wrap, Julia Louis-Dreyfus stated she gets really upset when people don't respect the six-foot social distancing rule. Julia Louis-Dreyfus explained to Conan that she already had a confrontation with a random person about the social distancing rule.

But she thinks "it's justified." According to Louis-Dreyfus, when she was in a store picking up a prescription, a woman walked 18 inches too close and she had a "complete s**t fit." Julia stated that the woman was totally shocked by it.

Julia claims she told the woman not to walk close to other people, and also said she should be wearing appropriate equipment, including a glove and a mask. Julia went on to note that she's not normally the type of person to behave in such a way, but she's going to continue doing this until the pandemic subsides.

The next question Conan had for her was the following: did the woman in the store realize she was being reprimanded by an award-winning actress and writer? The star revealed that there was no way she could've known because she's 78 pounds heavier these days and she had a mask and gloves on.

This story makes sense in the context of other news reports. A report from earlier this year revealed that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a prominent climate change activist.

However, Page Six claimed earlier this year that when the star appeared at the Sundance Film Festival, she admitted she was an activist out of guilt. The actress joked in front of the audience that guilt was perhaps her greatest motivator.

With all that said, Julia has intentions of using her star-power for the greater good, and that's also a big part of why she does what she does.

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