Josh And Anna Duggar Open Up About Baby No 6 Amid Rumors They Are Returning To Counting On

Josh And Anna Duggar Open Up About Baby No 6 Amid Rumors They Are Returning To Counting On
Credit: Source: Instagram

Former 19 Kids & Counting star Josh Duggar and his wife Anna Duggar are already the parents of five, but it looks like they are ready for more. Could the disgraced reality star and his wife be expecting baby number six?

This past week, Anna posted a pic on Instagram, and a Counting On fan asked the 30-year-old what her and Josh’s plans were for expanding their family.

“We would be thrilled if God blesses us with more children!” Anna replied.

However, when fans asked if Anna was already pregnant, Anna said “not yet,” shutting down the rumors that she was currently expecting another child. Last fall, Anna sparked those rumors by wearing a maternity dress in a family pic, but she said that she was just “overdue for a diet.”

According to In Touch Weekly, Anna also recently sparked rumors that she and Josh could be returning to reality television and appearing on Counting On this season. The speculation of a possible return came after Anna’s Instagram story this week featured Josh leading some of his siblings and children on a scavenger hunt.

In the photos, Josh was giving clues while the kids tried to find the items. But, in one pic, it looked like a cameraman was there and possibly filming for Counting On .

As fans know, Josh’s sexual molestation and cheating scandal led to TLC canceling 19 Kids & Counting . His siblings eventually moved on to the spinoff Counting On , but Josh and Anna haven’t made an appearance. In fact, TLC goes to great lengths to cut Josh out of scenes at his siblings’ weddings.

The speculation about a possible Josh comeback has been around for a while. He disappeared from the public eye after his scandal. But, in recent months he has been showing up more and more on his family’s social media pages.

So, will he be on Counting On this season? It’s not clear yet. He might make a brief appearance. But, even if there was a cameraman at the scavenger hunt, it’s entirely possible they will edit Josh and Anna Duggar out.

The new season of Counting On premieres February 11th on TLC.


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  • Carol Vaccaro
    Carol Vaccaro Feb 8, 2019 6:39 AM PST

    Mind your own business lady leave them alone they are great parents and he would never hurt or touch his babies

  • Tammy Roldan
    Tammy Roldan Feb 3, 2019 9:32 PM PST

    It's unfortunate that there are people with so much bitterness in their hearts that allowing someone to be human, flawed and broken is against their own life's commandments. It's what you and your family choose to do and God has put it on your heart to forgive him and work on your marriage and yourselves. I would welcome him back to reality TV what he did was a very long time ago and God has forgiven him, Lord knows he doesn't need mine or ANYONE ELSE'S. Good luck with your growing family! God Bless

  • Someone who cares
    Someone who cares Feb 3, 2019 4:52 PM PST

    Why would you want to have more children with him...especially since you are going to need all your time Anna to watch the SOB around your own are a better woman than that and don't throw the God forgives at children were safe when they were little and thought the world of their father... this guy you married is a pig and wants to blame everyone except himself and how dare your in laws hide this from you or anyone Josh had connect with over the years it was hidden and his poor sisters...that stays with you can't be that low

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