Jordyn Woods Hangs Out At Her Crib After Coming Back To The US From Dubai - Check Out Her Latest Pics

Jordyn Woods Hangs Out At Her Crib After Coming Back To The US From Dubai - Check Out Her Latest Pics
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Jordyn Woods is hanging out at home during these dreadful times we're living in. She is addressing fans and asking them what they've been doing at home and what they've been watching lately. Check out her post below.

'to the living room I go💚 honestly though I lived in sweats everyday before quarantine, so not much has changed in my everyday attire 😂 side note: what are we currently watching on Netflix guys!? Or doing to stay busy besides making Tik toks? who’s your fav ig account to follow rn? what’s your guilty pleasure? How are you staying active? Let’s talk😘' Jordyn captioned her post on social media.

Someone said: 'I work almost every day. I can’t quit on my patients. Healthcare matters so I am doing lots of hours even on my day off I gotta go in.'

One follower responded: 'I’ve been going on walks to clear my head from staring at a computer screen from all my online classes and working out at home in between classes. I have been following food network and city food accounts. I hope you and your family are safe.'

Another follower said: 'Wish I looked this cute in my living room 🥴 meanwhile I’m watching all American in this bonnet and big T-shirt.'

A commenter posted: 'These at-home workouts lowkey hit, but I’m still eating way too many snacks while netflixing 🤦🏼‍♀️ currently re-watching the office.'

One other follower said: 'I workout on the Nike Training Club app and I’ve been reading and journaling more. Definitely not on Tik Tok (I can't keep up with those dances lol)'

Someone else said: 'Trying to not eat too much of my quarantine snacks😭 and exercise for at least 20-30mins a day.'

Jordyn made her fans happy when she posted various throwback pics from a photoshoot that she had in London.

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