Jordyn Woods' Debuted Her Acting Skills On 'Grown-ish' - Fans Criticize Her As being 'Too Dry'

Jordyn Woods' Debuted Her Acting Skills On 'Grown-ish' - Fans Criticize Her As being 'Too Dry'
Credit: BET

Jordyn Woods announced her fans the other day that she will be featured on Grownish. Jordyn has recently told People, 'If you can understand that life happens for you and not against you, you can really remain positive.'

The publication recently revealed that Jordyn called the role a 'nice intro into the acting world.'

She also reportedly said that 'As a young adult myself, it was a cool way of being a part of a bigger conversation. And then the episode happened to be on mental health, which was even more important to me to discuss.'

Fans did not seem too impressed with Jordyn's acting skills.

One person was really excited and said, 'Super excited about tonight episode, been counting down the days...IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!'

Another follower was not that enthusiastic: 'She's beautiful, but she comes off so dry.😩'

Someone else wrote: 'I think it’s kind of weird how she just out nowhere start getting all this attention and shows appearances after the whole Kardashian’s mess 🤔'

A commenter said, 'Who’s bd I need to kiss to start my come up cuz sheeshhhh she’s everywhere now 😂 definitely in her own bag 😍'

Speaking about securing the bag, this is exactly what Jordyn seems to be doing lately.

She was just featured in Gunna’s carnival-themed video that advertises baby Birkins.

Fans may already know that Gunna always like to place trendy designer’s garments in the videos he’s making and he always makes sure that the women featured in the videos are bomb as well.

Jordyn is there, starring in various scenes.

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