Jordan Craig Shows Off Her Spectacular Figure In Mini Dress -- Classy Photos Even Have Some Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Fans Smiling

Jordan Craig Shows Off Her Spectacular Figure In Mini Dress -- Classy Photos Even Have Some Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson Fans Smiling
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Model Jordan Craig has decided to give them something to wonder about in a tight skin-tone mini dress where she showed off her spectacular figure.

The petite lifestyle blogger, who happens to be Tristan Thompson's ex-girlfriend and the mother of his two-year-old son, Prince, had even Kim Kardashian's fans in awe with her latest sexy yet classy photo shoot.

Many rushed to compliment Jordan for always staying classy despite the drama surrounding her baby daddy and Khloe.

One eager fan wrote: "We want to see more pictures of Prince; he's so adorable he cute just like u...🔥What l like is that you not in panty and bra taking pics, you dress looking flawless and still owning it, sometimes more is less, give them something to wonder about, seeing too much of it is like just another chick in panty and bra, love your style. Gorgeous as usual! Who else wants to be this fabulous!!? 🙋🏻‍♀️😎"

Another commenter stated: "Haven’t seen my baby nephew in a while. Please post his adorable face. So much class. Such elegance. Pure soul. Gorgeously Beautiful.A real example of beauty inside AND out, #goals !!"

Meanwhile, Khloe is back on social media sharing bizarre and cryptic messages about cheating and breakups.

A source told Hollywood Life that Tristan is not buying the fake drama and added: “Khloe had posted cryptic messages on social media for years, even before she was dating Tristan, so he tries not to overthink everything she shares and he really isn’t worried about it. Tristan knows that Khloe is a sensitive person, who is in touch with her emotions, and sharing those messages with fans is her way of opening up and letting others know they’re not alone.”

Another insider shared: “Khloe’s notes don’t necessarily mean that she’s going through those experiences at the time, but she’s simply sharing in order to connect with others and sees it as a way of bringing people together on a deeper level. Khloe insists that she’s just sharing things she thinks will help others, that not every quote should be taken so literally but her sisters are concerned she’s not being totally honest. Khloe has a history of stuffing down her feelings and putting a happy face on things, even when she’s falling apart inside, so it’s no wonder her sisters are worried. But there’s not a lot they can do when she won’t admit she’s hurting. They’re just trying to support her the best they can and let her know how much she’s loved.”

Jordan is building her own path after the Tristan saga.

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  • Lourdes
    Lourdes Jan 31, 2019 7:35 AM PST

    A lot prettier and more classy than Khloe!! Khloe got a taste of her own medicine!!

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