Jon Voight Releases Political Video - Says 'Racism Was Solved Long Ago' And Twitter Reacts

Jon Voight Releases Political Video - Says 'Racism Was Solved Long Ago' And Twitter Reacts
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According to a report from Page Six, Jon Voight recently stirred up controversy with his political opinions. The infamous Republican actor managed to spark the ire of Twitter users when he criticized the idea that racism is incredibly prevalent in North America.

Posted on Twitter, the 80-year-old award-winning actor defended the president, Donald Trump, stating that he is a man who's not a "racist," and he loves his country and its countrymen. In a video titled, Jon Voight's Message For America, Jon stated that today, far too many people are worried about racism.

According to Voight, racism has been an issue for African-Americans for many years, but it has since been alleviated by the work of our "forefathers."

Voight added that many people today want to blame Trump for the experiences of the past, however, anger is similar in nature to the chains that bound individuals to slavery.

In the video, Jon made references to the Holocaust, adding that many Jewish and non-Jewish people died because of it. This comes on the heels of the president's comments about the recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, in which a reported 22 people were killed. The assailant reportedly posted an anti-immigrant essay on the website, 8chan, claim the authorities.

This is not unlike the recent Christchurch shooting in New Zealand, in which the shooter posted a similar manifesto online, stating there was a worldwide conspiracy to replace white populations.

The El Paso, Texas shooting, which reportedly took place in a Walmart, led the band, Blink-182, to cancel their performance in the city as well. The band's singer, Mark Hoppus, took to his social media to say that he and the rest of the rock group were being held on lockdown in a hotel near the site of the tragedy.

Consequently, politicians and other activists have begun ramping up their calls for gun control, as pro-gun advocates, on the other hand, argue the issue is untreated mental illness and not guns.

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