John Travolta Says He 'Didn't Care' About Supposed Taylor Swift And Jade Jolie Mix Up At The VMAs

John Travolta Says He 'Didn't Care' About Supposed Taylor Swift And Jade Jolie Mix Up At The VMAs
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According to a report from, John Travolta recently spoke on the viral Taylor Swift VMAs confusion. While it was pretty funny, it wasn't anything like "Adele Dazeem."

The 65-year-old went viral this week after he appeared to offer the award for Video Of The Year to Jade Jolie, the infamous drag queen, instead of Taylor Swift, while at the MTV VMAs on Monday night. During an appearence on Dallas-Fort Worth's Hot 93.3 radio station, Travolta addressed the mishap, stating that he didn't make the mistake everything thought.

According to the Face-Off star, there were a lot of people getting up on the stage so he was looking for her. John said the video was showing him "trying to find her," and everyone thought that he was giving the award to the wrong person, but he really wasn't.

Travolta admitted that it was pretty funny, and he "didn't care" that it became such an internet meme. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter won the award for "You Need To Calm Down," which featured her among other LGBTQ stars, including Jade Jolie.

To John's credit, Jolie was wearing a blonde wig that looked a lot like Taylor's own hair. Jade smiled and laughed as Travolta patted her on the shoulder while giving the award to Taylor Swift. John said the interaction was pretty comical, especially considering Taylor has been very kind to his daughters and wife.

"I've written her notes and she's written me back," the actor revealed. As it was mentioned in passing above, five years ago, Travolta messed up the pronunciation of Idina Menzel's name while at the Academy Awards.

He called her "Adele Dazeem," while giving her the Oscar for Best Original Song. Travolta said on the radio show that anytime an actor or celebrity does something unusual, it typically becomes a point of scrutiny in the public.

As for how Taylor and Jade responded to Travolta's purported error, while backstage, Swift asked what happened, and the RuPaul Drag Rac e alum stated, "you won video of the year!"

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