Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly Drove Into The Back Of An Emergency Vehicle

Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly Drove Into The Back Of An Emergency Vehicle
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According to a report from TMZ, Joaquin Phoenix struck an LAFD vehicle in West Hollywood, but thankfully, everyone involved was unharmed. The 44-year-old Joker star reportedly took too narrow of a turn and hit the truck - with no one sitting in it - on Tuesday afternoon claims TMZ.

Following the incident, Phoenix found the paramedics and told them what happened. After the incident, they called the police and they came to the scene of the crash and conducted a damage report on the vehicle. They exchanged insurance information and continued on their way.

Reported by TMZ, the outlet claims it was Phoenix's car that took the most damage to his Tesla, including the right-front quarter panel. The emergency vehicle, on the other hand, hardly had a scratch.

The Joker alum wasn't served with a ticket. As it was previously reported, Joaquin Phoenix had his first lead role in several years with Todd Phillips' Joker, which went on to smash the October box office record, earning $93 million in its opening weekend.

Thus far, the movie has received critical praise for its acting as well as the themes it touched on. However, the movie hasn't been without controversy on a number of fronts.

For instance, the United States Army released a statement warning of the potential of the increased threat of mass shootings due to the way in which the film supposedly "glorifies" the social pariah, played by Joaquin Phoenix.

Additionally, the Federal Bureau Of Investigation, as well as the Department Of Homeland Security, announced they were monitoring social media activity related to the film. The film was additionally hit with threats in LA, for which the theaters had to shut down.

Los Angeles Police as well as New York Police stationed additional police officers around certain theaters in the area, and multiple theaters banned the use of face paint as well as masks for the theater patrons. Following the ensuing controversy, Phoenix came out to say that it was important for people to try and emphasize with people who are ostensibly malevolent.

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