Tyler Perry Says That Actress Who Used A Billboard To Get Hired Creeped Him Out

Tyler Perry Says That Actress Who Used A Billboard To Get Hired Creeped Him Out
Credit: Source: Spokesman.com

According to a report from BET.com, Tyler Perry recently appeared on a late-night television show to discuss the notorious billboard featuring an actress who wanted to land a part in one of his productions.

As it was previously reported, the actress from Georgia, Racquel Bailey, wanted to land a role in Perry's television show and went so far as to purchase a billboard in Atlanta to promote herself and her acting services to the entertainment industry mogul.

And seven years later, Racquel managed to secure a part in one of Tyler's TV shows , Sistas . Initially, Bailey purchased the billboard advertisement seven years ago, but Perry apparently never noticed it. She continued with her efforts over the years, with the latest one being this past summer.

Finally, Mr. Perry took notice and while he made fun of her decision to do so, the star eventually hired her. On Instagram in June, the star took to his social media to urge fans to never do such a thing to him again. Perry told his followers that it wasn't a great way of "getting (his) attention."

Perry wrote on his IG account, "Please Don't Do This, Save Your Money!" in all capital letters. The star stated that it was the third time someone had done it and it needed to stop. Perry went on to add that he was sure someone could find another way to spend their money.

And while it's understandable to believe that the advertisement actually worked, apparently, it didn't, because Perry didn't realize it was her that did it until after he hired her. During his appearence on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week, Perry explained the story in detail.

"That was scary as h*ll," Perry explained, adding, "I was really creeped out about it." According to the Sistas creator, he never even knew he went on to hire the very same woman who was on the billboard until after the fact. Despite the fact Perry condemned her promotional tactic, it still sort of ended up working in the long run.

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