Jim Carrey Strikes Back At Ted Cruz — 'Hypocrisy Is The New American Dream'

Jim Carrey Strikes Back At Ted Cruz — 'Hypocrisy Is The New American Dream'
Credit: Source: Ted Cruz.org

Jim Carrey struck back at Ted Cruz after the Senator made remarks about Carrey's anti-abortion ban art featuring Kay Ivey as an aborted fetus. On Saturday, May 18, 2019, Jim Carrey created one of the most controversial political art pieces in his career. Though the picture was meant as a way to protect the abortion bans that have now passed in eight states including Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, Arkansas, Utah, and Iowa.

On Jim Carrey's original piece of art, Senator Ted Cruz said that it was not okay.

"This is not OK. Today's Left: vicious, angry & consumed by hate. Instead of insults & dehumanizing rage, we should return to civility."

What happened after Jim Carrey shared the art was a little surprising. Not only were Conservatives outraged, but many in the pro-life movement felt that Jim Carrey's artwork helped rather than hurt their cause.

Jim Carrey created another political cartoon, only this time it was Ted Cruz who was the subject. Jim Carrey referred to Senator Cruz's outrage ash hypocritical.

Jim Carrey captioned his artwork with the following message.

"Some greasy Joe McCarthy wanna-be, who is shameless and will remain nameless, was lecturing me in the press about morality and civility after spending years in the Senate defending the rights of mass murderers to own AR-15s with which they massacre innocent children in their classrooms. Instead of insults & dehumanizing rage, we should return to civility. I thought I must be dreaming, but I haven't woken up yet. I guess this hypocrisy is the new American Dream."

You may see the new artwork by Jim Carrey featuring Senator Ted Cruz below.

Jim Carrey and Ted Cruz have had previous fights that have played out on social media. Senator Ted Cruz continues to state that though he disagrees with Jim Carrey's politics, he believes that there is still room for civil discourse. Other Conservatives feel that Jim Carrey should be banned from Twitter and have used James Woods as an example.

Many Conservatives believe there is a bias on Twitter where liberals are allowed to get away with more graphic depictions of violence or content that violates the community standards while Conservatives are immediately banned.

What do you think of Jim Carrey's response to Senator Ted Cruz?


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