JFK’s Granddaughter And Her 8-Year-Old Son Confirmed Dead By Her Husband After Canoe Accident

JFK’s Granddaughter And Her 8-Year-Old Son Confirmed Dead By Her Husband After Canoe Accident
Credit: Source: people.com

After JFK’s granddaughter, Maeve Kennedy Townsend McKean, as well as her 8 year old son Gideon disappeared, it looks like there is no good news. Her husband, David McKean, has unfortunately announced that the search for them has been ‘suspended.’

In other words, the man sadly confirmed that they have ‘passed away ’ on Facebook.

The mother and son disappeared on April 2 after a canoeing accident in Chesapeake Bay and soon after, a huge search party was employed to look for and rescue them.

David updated everyone not too long ago, writing that: ‘Despite heroic efforts by the Coast Guard and many state and local authorities, the decision has now been made to suspend the active rescue effort. The search that began yesterday afternoon went on throughout the night and continued all day today. It is now dark again. It has been more than 24 hours, and the chances that they have survived are impossibly small.’

The mourning husband and father also wrote that the search for their bodies is set to continue at this point in time.

He went on to detail the incident that led to their tragic deaths, saying that: ‘Gideon and Maeve were playing kickball by the small, shallow cove behind the house, and one of them kicked the ball into the water. The cove is protected, with much calmer wind and water than in the greater Chesapeake. They got into a canoe, intending simply to just retrieve the ball, but, they somehow got pushed by wind or the tide into the open bay.’

Apparently, about half an hour later, someone who was on land saw them really far away from the shore and called the police immediately.

That was the last time they were seen and the Coast Guard managed to find the canoe, capsized miles away - no sign of the mother and son.


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