Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Did Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Make Up Robbery Story To Hide Violent Fight With Jen Harley?

Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Did Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Make Up Robbery Story To Hide Violent Fight With Jen Harley?
Credit: Source MTV via YouTube

On Thursday night's Season 3 premiere of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation viewers watched Ronnie Ortiz-Magro explain his black eye by claiming he had been robbed and beaten up the night before Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's sentencing.

Somehow the alleged beat down, which reportedly happened in Secaucus, New Jersey managed to stay out of the media. Sorrentino was sentenced to prison last fall, meaning it has been months since the robbery and it was never leaked online.

On the premiere of the MTV show, Ronnie explains he stopped at Lorenzo's Italian Bar and Restaurant where a man started talking to him. After the Jersey Shore star left the establishment and was headed to his car, the unnamed man followed and punched him.

He went on to say he was wrestling with the guy, as his baby mama Jen Harley and a friend ran to help out Ronnie. One of the reasons the reality TV star called it a robbery is because his gold chain was ripped off and stolen.

It was a great story. However, Radar Online is rebuffing a couple of facts in Ronnie's tale.

"They were there maybe 15, tops, 20 minutes. They both walked out together. Everybody watched them leave the establishment together. That story is completely fabricated that he said on TV. There was no one there to even jump him, the place was deserted that night," Lorenzo's employee, Erin Kaye shared with the website, noting there was not a third person with Ronnie and Jen.

The Secaucus Police Department also confirmed to the website a robbery was not reported in front of Lorenzo's on October 4, 2018. Mike was sentenced on October 5.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's story he got robbed and beat up didn't fly with his friends and costars either.

"Who gets scratched by a guy? That doesn't happen. You get scratched by a girl. He says they hit him in the back of the head and he has a black eye. The story is fishy, but who really knows? He says that he didn't see anybody. It just doesn't add up," Pauly explained.

Deena Cortese was the first to point out what everyone was thinking after listening to the story.

"I'm not trying to put any words in anybody's mouth, but who knows? Maybe Ron and Jen got into a fight. He says he got jumped. Who knows?" Deena expressed

Ronnie has not responded to the episode, the robbery or Radar Online's claims he made the entire story up. Do you think his Jersey Shore cast members are right and he made it up to hide another fight with Jen Harley?


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