Jennifer Garner Is Very Happy To Date John Miller - Here's Why!

Jennifer Garner Is Very Happy To Date John Miller - Here's Why!
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According to brand new reports, Jennifer Garner could not be any happier to date John Miller following her divorce from Ben Affleck! One insider tells HollywoodLife that the man makes the actress ‘feel great!’

Apparently, Jen loves that she is dating a ‘normal’ man again.

‘Jen Garner is extremely happy dating boyfriend, John Miller. John makes Jen feel great, but what she really loves about him is he is normal and not in the industry,’ the source explained to the news outlet.

There is no doubt that the star is very fond of her acting career, but that does not mean she is super into the whole Hollywood scene as well.

‘Jen is a really down to Earth girl who loves being an actress, but doesn’t love the whole Hollywood thing. She is a really normal girl and does not necessarily like being famous, which is why she tries her best to keep her kids out of the spotlight, and you do not see her photographed with John much. But Jen is really happy in this relationship and in life right now,’ the insider went on to say.

Apparently, John has managed to make Jen happier than she has been in a very long time and one of the main reasons is the fact that she is dating a non-celebrity and they have a very ‘normal’ relationship.

The insider noted that she is the sort of woman who rarely puts makeup on before leaving the house, something very distinct from the usual L.A. stars.

It sounds like the new couple is doing great! Hopefully, Jen and John’s happy relationship will last for a very long time!

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