Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Her 'Friends' Co-Stars During 'People’s Icon Award' Acceptance Speech!

Jennifer Aniston Celebrates Her 'Friends' Co-Stars During 'People’s Icon Award' Acceptance Speech!
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After many years of having a successful career and being loved by a huge number of fans, it looks like Jennifer Aniston now has an award as evidence that she really is People’s Icon! The actress got the trophy at the People’s Choice Awards and she could not be any more grateful.

Furthermore, as she accepted the award, Jen took the opportunity to also pay tribute to the show that made her famous but most importantly, the co-stars who were there every step of the way when Friends was still airing.

The award was actually presented by none other than Adam Sandler, who is also a friend of Jen's and who included a super funny speech about how the two of them met in addition to praising her!

As she took the mic, she returned the positive words with some of her own and she could barely contain her emotions.

‘We don't do this for the critics, or each other, or to make our parents proud. We do it for the money! [laughs] No, I am kidding. We do it for the fans. When I first heard that I'd won this Icon Award, the first thing I thought was ‘holy s**t, have I been around this long?'’

She went on to say that if she really deserves the award it is only because she was on ‘an iconic show with an iconic cast and an iconic haircut.’

Of course, she was talking about Friends!

‘You [the fans] believed in us, and you believed in those impossibly large apartments. It paved the way for everything... thank you all for being on this journey with me and I love you. Thank you for sticking by me,' Aniston concluded her speech.


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