Jason Mraz Will Donate Profits From His Next Album To Black Lives Matter

Jason Mraz Will Donate Profits From His Next Album To Black Lives Matter
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In celebration of Juneteenth, Jason Mraz will donate the profits from his next album to Black Lives Matter and other organizations around the United States and the world that are dedicated to equality and justice.

CNN reported that the Grammy Award winner dropped a new project today, Look For The Good,  the same day that black Americans experienced emancipation from slavery throughout the United States.

Mraz took to his Twitter account to say he was "proud to stand in solidarity" with all of the individuals out there who are supporting Black Lives. The performing artist said all of the sales and streams' revenue from his new LP would go to justice organizations.

As it was previously reported, Juneteenth has been on the top of the minds of many Americans around the country following the death of George Floyd which led to the protests around the world. George Floyd was killed by asphyxiation from his arresting officer, Derek Chauvin, and the entire arrest was filmed and put on display for all to see.

The artist revealed the news in a new press release in which he said that his $250,000 advance from royalties would be donated to Black Lives Matter among other organizations, such as the Center on Policy Initiatives, and the Equal Justice Initiative.

According to Mraz, he'll continue doing the same thing with other organizations as the years go by. All of the proceeds from his record will go to various charities.

Jason Mraz isn't the only performing artist to announce a charitable donation over the last few weeks. Today, it was reported by Hot New Hip Hop that YG and Mustard were going to donate $100,000 in free meals to citizens around Los Angeles.

YG and Mustard explained earlier this week that they just acquired a seafood restaurant after meeting the owner at a gas station. The owner said they wanted to work together, and after acquiring part ownership of the establishment, they began spreading the wealth to people around Los Angeles.

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