Janice Dickinson Argues That Her Remarks On America's Next Top Model Were Unregrettable

Janice Dickinson Argues That Her Remarks On America's Next Top Model Were Unregrettable
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The 67-year-old television personality answered a supporter's inquiry on Instagram on if she had "any remorse" over her remarks on the modeling competition series.

"Um, no. They were acting. Now it's over, "People often overlook the acting that occurs on television, Dickinson wrote in response to her role as an ANTM judge.

Dickinson was well-known for criticizing competitors while she was a part of the Tyra Banks-hosted series, which lasted from 2003 till 2018.

Some of these comments included telling a contender that she appeared like her vibrator's battery had died in a photo of her face and telling the other judges that the winner wasn't a plus-size model since she had a noticeable lower body.

Another time, as per Newsweek, Dickinson informed a Black model that is contrasting her unedited and altered images was like watching a Hitchcock thriller. She afterward made noises that some social media users thought sounded like monkey noises.

In recent years, videos from the 24-cycle run of the program have reappeared online. These videos contain troubling situations, including a photo challenge where the models had to paint their skin different colors to pose as ladies of all ethnicities, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Dickinson, Banks, and ANTM have all received negative feedback for the words, deeds, and scenarios they appeared in as the videos keep popping out.

Dickinson discussed her involvement in the program in an interview with Oprah: Where Are They Now from 2015. She said she was recruited to act as a female Simon Cowell, feeding the girls unfavorable information.

The former star of Celebrity Rehab, who first gained notoriety as a model in the 1970s and 1980s, addressed Banks in the same conversation. She and the banks had a public dispute when Banks was called obese in 2007.

Tyra is a formidable entrepreneur who excels in television. She stated, "As a woman, I appreciate her." I got fired, and I was so wounded by it that I behaved out, so I've said some really awful things about her in the past.



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