Jada Pinkett Smith Debuts Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut — Check Out The Video

Jada Pinkett Smith Debuts Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut — Check Out The Video
Credit: Source: Jada PInkett Smith/Instagram

Jada Pinkett-Smith is known for her pixie hairstyle so when she gets a new haircut it isn't major news. The 48-year-old actress and mother of two is now going viral for her new hair color. Jada has been known to change up her hair and may go from a pixie cut to long braids, but she tends to keep her hair relatively the same color. Now, she's debuting platinum blonde curls and a new pixie style that fans are going crazy for.

Jada has always had a golden-hue to her complexion and the blonde works extremely well with her natural coloring. Jada's high cheekbones also give her face a diamond shape and the pixie cut accentuates her bone structure and draws attention to her eyes. Jada strongly resembles her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones who also wears her hair in a blonde pixie, so Jada most likely had a good idea that the style would look great on her. Also different is the way Jada styled her hair. She often wears her pixie cuts styled straight up in the air, but in the new photo and video, Jada is wearing the weight of her curls forward.

The video below was taken in Singapore and Jada looks at peace and in her zone as she strikes a meditative pose. Jada captioned the video with the following.

No matter what ... never forget the blessings✨

Jada is wearing eyelash extensions according to the Instagram account Lashes by Shamelia (lashmemiami) and you can see how the thick, black lashes provided a beautiful frame for her eyes. She wore minimal makeup by a gold dusting on her eyelids brought out greenish flecks.

Jada chose a soft, nude lipstick.

Jada had recently shared a photo of herself with long blonde braids on her Instagram account, where she had more than 9 million followers.  The photo had more than 677,000 likes and received thousands of comments from those who praised the look.

Though there are many people who love long hair on Jada, she is best known for wearing a pixie cut.

Some may say that Jada and her mother look like twins now that they both have platinum blonde pixie cuts. You may see a video featuring Adrienne in the player below.

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