J. Prince Explains How His Relationship With Young Boy Never Broke Again Fell Apart

J. Prince Explains How His Relationship With Young Boy Never Broke Again Fell Apart
Credit: Source: AllHipHop.com

Hot New Hip Hop reported today that J. Prince once said that Young Boy Never Broken Again was "dumber than a box of rocks." J. Prince previously said that the rapper must've mistaken his "kindness for weakness," adding that the young star wasn't all that great at using his brain.


At one point, it looked as if J. Prince and Young Boy Never Broke Again were never going to be friends again, however, it appears as though they're on good terms once again. At least they're not at each others' throats, anyway.

When Prince spoke with Ebro Darden during an interview, he addressed his relationship with Young Boy Never Broke Again and explained how it all fell apart. Prince ways it all started when NBA tried getting some of his belongings back after they had been stolen from his home. Prince offered to help but Young Boy took it the wrong way and put him on blast.

Fast forward to today, and it looks like it's all over because Young Boy NBA actually reached out to him and they spoke over the phone. There was a miscommunication and it had to do with his brother, Prince remarked.

As for where they stand now, Prince echoed what he had already said in the past: "I don't want to be his friend or his enemy."

Reportedly, the fight between the two men happened after someone broke into Young Boy's home and stole multiple sets of keys to his vehicles. Prince offered to help him, but Young Boy Never Broke Again took it the wrong way.

Prince went on to say that the 20-year-old rapper was "dumber than a box of rocks." Later, Prince explained why he chose to comment on the situation with Young Boy, arguing how there is a certain way that young people communicate now, and it's online.

Regardless of their short-lived feud, Youngboy Never Broke Again has been busy with other affairs, including his arrests and his relationship woes with Yaya Mayweather , the daughter of Floyd Mayweather. Yaya is reportedly pregnant with Youngboy's baby.


The news came not long after Yaya reportedly went to his home and found another girl there and stabbed her. Yaya hasn't gone to trial for her alleged crimes yet.