Yaya Mayweather Is Pregnant With NBA Youngboy's Baby - Floyd Mayweather Confirmed The News

Yaya Mayweather Is Pregnant With NBA Youngboy's Baby - Floyd Mayweather Confirmed The News
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The legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather Junior, will soon be a grandfather Hot New Hip Hop reported today. The boxer came out to confirm this week that his 20-year-old daughter, Iyanna, who also goes by the name, "Yaya," is expecting a baby with NBA Youngboy, the rapper.

During an episode of Hollywood Unlocked: Uncensored, Floyd claimed his daughter was pregnant, and he just wants her to live a good life with the rapper. Floyd claimed he "always wants the best" for her, and whatever makes her happy is what he wants.

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Floyd went on to say that now she doesn't live under his roof, she can do whatever she wants. He says whatever she does is her business and hers alone. When asked about the rapper, whom the boxer had previously referred to as her "b*tch a** daddy," "it has to do with your upbringing," the boxer explained.

Floyd says he always told her that it was important to be respectful in another person's home, and whatever goes on in your own home is meant to be kept private and away from other people's radar. The boxer went on to say that he considers the rapper as a "child."

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Reportedly, this marks the first time Yaya has had a baby, and it will be the sixth child for NBA Youngboy. As most know, NBA Youngboy and Yaya are frequently in the headlines for their seemingly turbulent relationship which has included police visits and more.

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For instance, it was reported earlier this year that Yaya stabbed a girl who was staying in the rapper's home with him. According to an earlier report from this year, Yaya has been in multiple fights with women over NBA Youngboy.

After she went to his home unannounced, she discovered another woman there and wound up stabbing her after a verbal argument turned physical. The woman wound up going to the hospital with critical injuries, and Mayweather was apprehended and then released on bond.


Additionally, it was reported that Yaya went right back to the rapper's home after she got out.

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