J Balvin Casually Reveals His Unborn Child's Gender During Interview!

J Balvin Casually Reveals His Unborn Child's Gender During Interview!
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The singer is looking forward to becoming a parent! As you may know, last month, J Balvin revealed that he and his girlfriend Valentina Ferrer are expecting a child together and now, it appears that he might have accidentally revealed the gender!

During a new interview for ET, the star referred to the unborn baby with masculine pronouns while gushing that 'he' is going to be his 'best friend!'

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When asked if he's going to be a strict dad or a fun one, J Balvin shared that 'I'm gonna be his best friend! That is what I want to be, yeah.'

At the time of the interview, he was getting ready to participate in an event meant to promote COVID-19 vaccinations.

Fans remember that he was diagnosed with the virus as well, last year so this event was very special and important for the singer.

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He told the outlet that 'I had COVID, I know how it feels. I had it really bad. I never want to get it again. You guys in America are blessed to have so many vaccines right now, but I come from Colombia and we have only two percent of people vaccinated so it'll take a lot of years. I want to help the world and help them and get vaccines. What is going on in India is really sad, it really hurt my feelings, and I am here [to be of] service.'

Aside from his health being affected, Balvin has also been unable to see his extended family amid the pandemic.

With that being said, he stressed that 'I just cannot wait to see my family vaccinated and to hug them and to be relaxed, you know?'

At the same time, he also 'can't wait' to go on tours again when this is all over!


'Summer is back, the world needs it! I cannot wait, you know? I cannot wait just to spread the love, spread good energy, good vibes, and I just hope everyone can get vaccinated.'

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