Is Rachael Ray Losing Her Show? Is She Really Coming To Set Hungover?

Is Rachael Ray Losing Her Show? Is She Really Coming To Set Hungover?
Credit: Source: Rachael Ray

Is Rachael Ray losing her show? Has the popular cooking host been coming to the set hungover and smelling like booze? These are questions on many people's minds following the upcoming, March 16, 2020, issue of Star magazine. Fans have noticed that Rachael's award-winning show Rachael Ray has yet to be renewed, and many are worried. Now, the report quotes a source that says it is quite likely her show will not be renewed. The show Rachael Ray first premiered in 2006 but hasn't been renewed for the 2020 season yet. The last episode of Rachael Ray aired on November 1, 2019.

Though an official announcement hasn't been made saying the Rachael Ray show has been canceled, many people believe it has been. Social media is full of people who have spoken on the subject and assumed the show was canceled after seeing it move from its original time slot.

A source spoke to Star and stated the following.

"It's surprising it's lasted even this long. It's lost its luster. She looks miserable and often comes in hungover, red-faced and smelling of booze. She barely engages the audience. She's nasty."

Rachael Ray hasn't spoken out about the rumors surrounding her show's cancelation or responded to allegations that she comes to work hungover and smelling of booze.

Rachel has had her fair share of battles lately too. She was able to fight against a multimillion-dollar, class-action lawsuit regarding claims that her Nutrish brand of dog food contained a harmful pesticide. Though Rachel Ray also has the television show 30 Minute Meals on the Food Network (where she began), that show has yet to be renewed as well.

It's possible that the networks are waiting to see how the public responds to Rachael Ray, but at any rate, the delay in her show's renewals isn't offering any assurances to her fans that they will see new content from her anytime soon.

The source continued.

"Rachael can read the signs, and it's doubtful she'd be surprised if the show were canceled. These days, it's like she'd rather be anywhere other than her own show."

What do you think? Do you believe the reports? Is Rachel Ray losing her show?

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